Our Vision

Our vision…

is to partner the industry and become recognised as the authority in energy training. To become the fastest-growing and highest ranking centre of excellence for everyone in the sector.

  • We will drive UK employers’ businesses forward and kick-start the careers of new entrants to the industry.
  • We will qualify and accredit candidates
  • We will employ expert trainers, among the country’s best, with pass rates high above the national average in Britain.
  • We will raise the standards, develop candidates to their highest potential and expand their skill sets to make the UK’s workforce the most competent and respected, worldwide.
  • We will provide an acclaimed range of internationally-accredited, officially recognised, industry-specific vocational courses weekdays, weekends and evenings at every centre or at employers’ premises.
  • We will provide a balanced mix of commercial know-how and academic influence through our links to both private enterprise and academia.

Our guarantee…

is that where performance is of the essence, best practice imperative and up-to-date skills and qualifications essential, the Energy Training Hub will deliver, and give value on every dimension.